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  • Stop! worrying about food costs
  • Stop! comparing prices
  • Stop! negotiating prices
  • Stop! worrying about inflation

Wholesale food orders done for you in seconds!

  • Your food prices are 10% too high on average.
  • You do not have time to effectively compare prices.
  • Pack sizes vary between distributors.
  • Food distributors change prices weekly if not daily.
  • It is virtually impossible to compare the prices on each item.
  • Negotiating prices is futile as prices always change.

Our software guarantees the lowest price on every order!

Voted #1 Food Purchasing Software in 2023

This savings will have a HUGE POSITIVE IMPACT on your business!

You keep 10% of your food spend in your bank account each month.

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Our software manages the tedious tasks of calling, haggling, and price shopping, leaving you with more time AND average savings of 10% back to your bottom line!

You must compare the price of every item across multiple vendors to get great pricing. You do not have time to do this manually. You must leverage technology to get great pricing.

Case sizes and quantities vary per item, brand, and manufacturer. The program breaks every item down to the smallest UOM (unit of measure) and applies that across all prices and items to find the lowest possible cost.

You order all the same items. You use all the same food vendors.

Ordering is Automatic

Type in quantities, submit the order, and you're done for all vendors. No phone calls, no finding items on vendor websites. No wasted time. There is nothing you can implement that will have this great of an impact on your business financials so easily and quickly, and it is sustainable savings on every order...forever!


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